Character Name: Hubert Farthington

Player Name: NPC

Appearance: Like Willy Wonka meets Benjamin Disreli: flashy ties and vests, impish humour, laughter has a touch of dementia in it

Telltale: One green eye, one purple eye


  • Stamina 2 (tireless)
  • Will 3 (obsessed)
  • Lore 5 (mad scientist, revolutionary thought)
  • Cover 3 (manufacturer)
  • Price -1 (arrogant, -1 to perception)


Dr. Newton Ricktoffer has told me he knows of Mototron's (my demon's) secret and now I must pay!

Humanity: 2

Bound Demons:

Mototron (object, strange human-like moans and engine runs, needs fresh brains)

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