Character Name: Bertram Craigborne
Position: Assistant to the Secretary of the Royal Patent Office
Player: Paul T
Appearance: Doesn't fit in, a rugged man looking uncomfortable in upper-class clothing
Telltale: Stubble grows faster than usual; nails, etc. dirty no matter how much they are washed

Stamina: 5 (Country bred; determined)
Will: 3 (Rugged individualist)
Lore: 2 (Naive)
Cover: 3 (see above, an "assistant" but basically a clerk)
Price: -1 (clueless about city life and upper-class society)

[unresolved, but under way]
When asked to kill a subject, he snuck into the target's domiscile only to find that the subject's wife looks exactly like his own. Frightened and confused, Craigborne ran off without completing the job. It is the first time he failed to complete a job.

1st Session

- The book's response was to produce a strange diagram in the marginalia: something that looked like a sack and nearby it an "x,"with an arrow running from the "x" into the sack itself. - Bertram returns to his wife to ask her questions. She is agitated. Moreover, she implores he husband to resume their physical relationship. Bertram, still adjusting to his new life and his lack of memories, feels unable to do so. She commands him to sleep in another room and warns him that she will be returning to her family.

Bound Demons
Name: The Book of Yesterday
Type: Object (left at home, hidden)
Telltale: Marginalia different each time
Need: Memories (usually taken from appointed victims of his strange missions

At Start: 5
Current: 4

The Fatal Diagram
Cover: Olivia Craigborne (wife) [right near the centre]
Lore: Craigborne is left without memories of his past, except for the choice he made to write down his transgressions in the mysterious Book of Yesterday.
"Craigborne sits in a cave in the Caucusus during the Crimean War. He is surrounded by fresh human carcasses. There is an ancient book in his hands; the writing is incomprehensibe. He scribbles madly -- all his past, all his misdeeds flow onto its pages. All he wants is to forget, to erase the fast, to start fresh.
Now he lives in an expensive apartment in London, with a wife he does not recognize. And someone sends him black-bordered envelopes asking him to commit acts of violence or murder -- on a regular basis.
[and a soon to increase basis]"

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