== Fan Expo 2010==

  • from a post to the Toronto Area Gamers forum, by me
Thank you to everyone who came to my games. Sorry I had to pull Sorcerer on Saturday but compensation for the individuals involved in that boondoggle is under way.
Sitting down and going under the hood of one of my favourite games was very enjoyable. Our first session produced a nice "Steampunk + Sorcery" setting. We ran a few encounters featuring a chimney sweep possessed of an animated clockwork cigar chopper and a British army vet in possession of a heathen totem that transformed him into a snake man.
In the first case it was "Charles Dickens meets splatter horror" and in the second it was a little like "Sherlock Holmes meets H.P. Lovecraft."
Dave, I am sorry you only got a chance to mail a letter, dunk your demon in scalding tea to punish him, and eat a dormouse and make your landlady faint. We will let you do something more kick-ass next time.
  • Setting creation took about 4 hours (with breaks) leaving a scant 3 for character creation and system demo.
  • Had a great time playing with someone who had only done online and computer gaming. Very creative input.

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