Character Name: Lord Becker

Player Name: Larry

Appearance: Older man with sideburns, silver hair, expensive clothes

Telltale: Thousand yard stare


  • Starting: 5
  • Current: 5

Stamina: 2 (determination)
Will: 5 (mad scientist, obsessed: precognitor)
Lore: 3 (personal journey beyond)
Cover: 5 (lord, inventor)
Price: Secluded (-1 to any first roll in a scene)

Kicker: I have forseen another's patent for the precognitor. She is the double of Craigbourne's wife -- the one Craigbourne was sent to kill.

Bound Demons:
The Precognitor (Object, Odd Explosions as Telltale, Tell Bad -- and lethal -- futures).

The Fatal Diagram:
Lore: self-taught scientist who came upon a brilliant idea of his own
Cover: [along Lore/Cover border, from upper-right corner to center] inherited title w. seat in House of Lords, has lab in basement, lives in manse in city, wife dislikes his science "hobby" & has resigned to ignore him.
Kicker: [from edge to center] horrified at the very thought of another receiving credit, foresaw another issuing patent for Precognitor.
Price: [both along edge] must reveal bad futures to others, feels the need to fulfil the futures that have been shown.

DEMONS Demon Name: Precognitor Demon Type: Object Telltale: Every 15 sec there is an unidentified explosion

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