Nemo QuotesEdit

"May the contemplation of so many wonders extinguish in him the spirit of revenge! May the judge disappear and the scientist continue his peaceful exploration of the seas! However strange his destiny may be, it is also sublime!" (371)

"Just then I heard vague chords from the organ, sad harmonies with an undefinable melody, the wails of a soul which wanted to break its ties with the earth. I listened with all five senses, scarcely breathing, and my soul joined Captain Nemo's in this musical ecstasy drawing him into another world." (368)

"He was no longer an ordinary man like me, but the Man of the Sea, the Spirit of the Waters"

" 'I am the law and justice! I am the oppressed, and there is the oppressor! It is through him I lost everything I ever loved, cherished or worshiped -- my country, wife, children, father, mother! I saw them all perish! Everything I hate is there! Now shut your mouth!' " (360)

"On the opposite wall of his room, beneath the paintings of his heroes, I saw the portrait of a young woman and two small children. After gazing at it for several moments, Captain Nemo stretched out his arms toward the picture, sank to his knees and burst into deep sobs." (363)

" '[T]his ship, after a heroic struggle, completely demasted, its hold filling with water and a third of its crew out of action, preferred to go down with its three hundred and fifty-six sailors rather than surrender. A flag was nailed to its stern flagpost and then it disappeared beneath the surface, with all of its men shouting, 'Long live the Republic!' "
'The Revenge ' I cried.
'That's right, Monsieur. The Revenge What a lovely name!' Captain Nemo murmured as he crossed his arms." (355-356)

"The last one of us to survive aboard the Nautilus will throw this box into the sea, and it will drift wherever the wind and currents take it." (345)

"When we get back on land ... after seeing such wonders of nature, what will we think of those miserable continents and the tiny things produced by the hand of man? No, civilization is no longer worthy of us!" (310)

"It's magnificient, even though it makes me furious to have to admit it! I've never seen anything like it. But this sight could cost us our necks. And to be frank, I feel as if we're looking at things God didn't intend for the eyes of man!" (310)

"We did not make a single mistake in our maneuvers. Nevertheless, one cannot prevent the laws of equilibrium from taking effect. One can resist the laws of men, but not those of nature." (308)

"Was he a champion of oppressed peoples, a liberator of enslaved races? Had he played a role in the latest political and social upheavals of our century? Had he been one of the heroes of that terrible American civil war which had been both unfortunate and forever glorious ... ?" (245)

" '[E]ven though it's impossible, let's say that Captain Nemo offered you your freedom today. Would you accept it?'
'I don't know,' I replied.
'And if he added that the offere wound never be renewed, would you accept then?'
I did not answer." (225)

"[W]hat must he have thought when Captain Nemo pulled a bag of pearls from the pocket of his diving suit and put them in his hand? The poor Indian accepted these alms from the man of the sea with a trembling hand. We could see by his startled eyes that he did not know what kind of superman he owed both his life and his good fortune." (202)

"He still felt that the commander of the Nautilus was merely one of those unrecognized scientists full of contempt for a world which has treated them with such indifference. He still thought of him as a misunderstoond genius who had been deceived by life on earth and therefore taken refuge in an inaccessable region where his instincts could have free play. But to my way of thinking, this theory only explained one side of Captain Nemo." (178)

"I could easily make out his dominant characteristics: self-confidence -- from the fine way his head was set on his shoulders, and from his look of cold assurance -- calm -- because his rather pale skin showed his coolness of blood; energy -- evinced by the rapid way he would contract his eyebrows; and finally courage -- for his deep breathing indicated an expansive, vital nature." (56)

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