Ray Bradbury's Introduction to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

"In sum, Nemo skins together and rivets tight the very symbol most feared and whispered of by Ahab's mind and Ahab's crew. Casting aside any doubts, precluding any inhibitions, Nemo intrudes to the monster's marrow, disinhabits mysticism, evicts terrors like so much trash, and proceeds to police the universe beneath, setting it to rights, harvesting its strange crops, be they animal, vegetable, or mineral-gold from sunken fool's ships to be distributed to the world's needy."

Which requires him, I might add, to drag his crew to their doom, terrorize the sea lanes, kidnap, murder, etc. So his mad science comes at a cost to himself and the people around him. Sounds like a sorcerer with Humanity problems to me.

My original thoughts on this topic can be found here.


How will you make your thrive in a world ravaged by mad science and steamtech out of control, and bound by strict codes of morality, ethnicity, class, and right thinking


Going beyond ... the current boundaries of space, time, perception, and morality


Practical EmpathyEdit

  • Making an effort to improve the lives of those around you in need, with however a small but still practical action. Telling someone "get a job!" doesn't count. Accompanying them to a soup kitchen does.
  • So, yes, some Victorian paragons are also paragons of Humanity, including some missionaries, soldiers, entrepreneurs, administrators, scientists. But is every religious fanatic, Colonel Blimp/Mister Kurtz, robber baron, imperial bureaucrat, steam savant high on Humanity? Far from it.


Difference Engine, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The City o' Gloom setting for Deadlands (for colour)


Not everything Inhuman is Sorcerous.

Technology that Complicates the World but is not SorcerousEdit

  • Koshuth's Crystal: polluting superfuel extracted by human labour under difficult conditions (like Deadlands' Ghost Rock)
  • Pilatrium: like helium, only moreso and less explosive than hydrogen, enabling lighter than air flight
  • Faraday Process: enabling tough but light steel alloys to provide the body for steam machinery

Technology that Could be Introduced with SorceryEdit

Setting and the Sorcerer SystemEdit

* Setting Collage as Decision-Making ToolEdit

* Basic DecisionsEdit

* What Sorcery IsEdit

* What Demons AreEdit

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