Character Name: Sgt. Thurwood Exelby (ret.)

Player Name: Dave L

Appearance: pipe, mutton chops, weathered skin + wrinkles, fancy moustache, old and out of date clothes (demon has kept him alive)

Telltale: strange exotic smell (like foreign spices or cooking)


  • Stamina 4 (weathered by elements)
  • Will 4 (determined to succede)
  • Lore 2 (explorer)
  • Cover 4 (retired marine sargeant)
  • Price -1 (hopelessly out of date/social)


Invited to a fancy dress ball by Dr. Newton Ricktoffer (very odd for a low-ranking, excentric oddball -- doesn't sound stressful but you try living in a class society!)

Humanity: 4

Bound Demons:

Talisman of Xen-Thar (object, moving eye telltale, master must consume warm living flesh like a snake does)

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