The Tuesday ProjectEdit

Being the records of those brave souls who are continuing to explore the weird world of sorcery in a 19th century warped by mad science and steam tech gone mad. On Tuesdays, at Ryerson.00MKhs-38123184

2 Upper-Class Gentlemen and the Secrets of High SocietyEdit

Background SessionEdit

From Larry P:Edit
"[M]y character used the Precognitor to discover that a couple of twin sisters are trying to patent their own precognitor. And I've scored a total success in foreseeing their actions and ambushing them when they approach the patent office."

Larry plays a sorcerer who has built a device that can see the future. Its price? It needs Larry's character to bring him people to whom it will deliver precognitions of their deaths.

Moreover, the device grabbed the character's mind and would not release him. This is the one way object demons have to communicate with their masters, despite not being able to speak.

From Paul T:Edit
Bertram Craigborne slipped a little and started interrogating his wife
during the middle of the night ("Please... tell me about how we got
married. I need to know"), at which she grew distressed and told him to go
sleep on his own, downstairs.

While he plans to sleep downstairs anyway, he now has no recourse but to
get a knife or other sharp object and perform some (very minor) violence
on his wife so that he can make her forget about his little slip-up and
life can return to normal.

Bertram is a man who willingly chose to become a sorcerer by inscribing all his sins in a mysterious book he found during the Crimean War. He now finds himself ensconsed in a minor bureaucratic position in Whitehall, overseeing the registration of patents on behalf of a government Secretary who prepares briefs on their implications for national security. He has no memory of how he got into this position and can recall little more than his conscious choice to sign the book. He had just returned from one of his secret missions. From time to time he receives messages in black-bordered envelopes, instructing him to kill someone. Upon completing his act, he returns home and drips some blood from the victims into the book, which grants him his lethal powers. On the night in question, Bertram returned home from an uncompleted mission: he had been sent to kill someone who was the double of his own wife.

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