Character Name: Thomas Crapper, chimney sweep

Player Name: New Guy

Appearance: small, wiry, dingy

Telltale: regenerates cuts and scrapes faster than a normal person should


  • Stamina 2 (consumptive)
  • Will 4 (determined to succede)
  • Lore 4 (1st mate)
  • Cover 4 (retired marine sargeant)
  • Price -1 (some permanent scars that never heal)


Dr. Newton Ricktoffer, the mad scientist who has begun his apprenticeship and who gifted him with a demon, has accused him of theft and has set the police on him. In game, he has slain a rival chimeny sweep and one of the cops who came for him.

Humanity: 3

Mr Cigar Chopper: (object, chomping blades telltale, needs human blood as fuel)

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