Warmachine in Action

Demon TypesEdit

  • Inconspicuous (mini machines or creatures or texts, invisible men)
  • Parasites (organic, strange energies, implants)
  • Passers (constructs, shapeshifters, aliens)
  • Possessors (doctrines, weird energies, strange animals)
  • Objects
  • Immanents (big monsters, big machines)

Note: The rules demand a penalty for any sorcerer who forces a demon to become public. But what of weird monsters and steam machines demonstrating malignant intelligence?

  • a penalty of 3 dice (not 5) will be given, to reflect the thing's confusion and unhappiness

Sorcerers, Their Demons, and Their Demons' Abilities and NeedsEdit


Demon FormEdit

Demon AbilitiesEdit

Typical DesiresEdit


monsters, treasures (objects),

parasites (objects), immanents,

demons with Pulp Hypnosis II,

special damage, boost: lore,

command, link, vitality, cloak,

fast, protection, shapeshift,


corruption, sensual gratification



immanents as devices, passers

(eleaborate constructs), objects,

inconspicuous, parasites

armour, big, boost: stamina, cloak

daze, confuse, cover, hold,

perception, psychic force, shadow,

transport, travel

hard-to-obtanium, pollution,

brother/sister creations,

competition (to be best war

machine, etc.)

Writers possessors

boost:lore, will, stamina, confuse,

cover, taint, hint, spawn, perception


violent acts, confrontations, rebellions,

bloodshed, outrage from normal folk

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