Tessla summons the weird


  • Lore v. Power
  • The sorcerer goes on a trip to inner or outer space, perhaps by getting on a boat or by hooking up to a device, or sinking deep into his own consciousness


  • Will - Humanity v. Power
  • The sorcerer formally greets and accepts the thing from beyond
  • Can include declaring "Eureka," or celebrating as machine gears up, shake hands with strange entity, invite it across threshold


  • Stamina/Will/Lore v. Will
  • All the demons are looking for fuel
  • A beast is tamed or given it's special food for the first time, machine is fully powered up, troops/partisans/supporters wade into their foes, human blood is spilt


  • Will v. Stamina
  • Domination as such -- who is higher on the ranks of power?
  • Physical beatdown, correction of pamphlet, lecture, shutting down engine, brutal retrofit, strapping to the table


  • Will + Humanity v. Power + Will
  • There MUST be physical destruction
  • However, only a sorcerer can banish a demon from this plane completely
  • Smash the lab, destroy the beast, burn the books


  • Lore v. Power
  • "Bottling Up" the entity -- all containers MUST be physical
  • vaccum tubes, factories, war machines, vehicles, workhouses, trains, private clubs, cages, restraints, mechanical bodies, human bodies

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